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The All-Together Quilt
by Lizzy Rockwell


Alfred A. Knopf, 2020

ISBN: 978-0-375-82204-9

40 pages, picture book, ages 4-8

Based on a true story, The All-Together Quilt is about friends of all ages who gather at the community center each Friday to make a quilt. See the step-by-step process unfold as, together, they design, measure, cut, pin, sew and assemble the quilt top, each finding an important role to play. Perfect for those who love to quilt or want to learn, or anyone who believes that great things can happen when a diverse group of people work together towards a common goal.  Lizzy was inspired to write this book by her friends at Peace by Piece: The Norwalk Community Quilt Project in Norwalk, CT

The All-Together Quilt works beautifully with STEM curriculum and is a great launchpad for maker projects and conversations about community action and intergenerational sharing. 

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Best Picture Book
CT Book Award

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