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Compass Quilt

The Compass Quilt was unveiled in 2022 at Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk, CT. Lizzy and Peace by Piece have a long standing relationship with the museum and had unveiled the Growing Together Quilt in 2010 to mark the museum's tenth anniversary. Executive Director, Rhonda Kiest asked Lizzy to design a new quilt for to mark 20+ years of growth and exciting new directions. The Compass motif worked beautifully as both a metaphor and an eye-catching graphic element which could be created with geometric piecing. ​ Lizzy hired 8 young artists to create illustrations on fabric depicting the museum's "storytellers" and mascots: Nelaigelise Reeves created Lucy the child, Tylor Reeves drew Lily the Ladybug, Sanai Jordan created Boozoo the Dog, Jocelyn Bacila Chara drew the Elephant, Sanaa Jerry drew the Dinosaur, Shaunessi Reeves drew the Rabbit, Maurice Montgomery created the Bird and the Bumblebee.  ​ The pattern began as a pencil drawing and evolved into a adobe illustrator design, scaled to actual size and printed on 11" x 17" paper for pattern making. Each pattern piece was traced from the computer printout onto transparent Yupo™ paper then precisely cut and used for fabric cutting. 

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