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Brownie Troop 65606

This amazing Peace Quilt was created by Brownie Troop 65606 in Newbury Park, California. The project was initiated by the girls as part of the 2021 World Girl Scout Thinking Day. The theme that year was Peace Building, and it inspired projects by Girl Scout Troops across 150 nations.


During a zoom meeting, Troop 65606 shared a reading of The All-Together Quilt, and decided that they would each design a square on the theme of Peace and donate the finished quilt to the Newbury Park Library.


Troop 65606 is led by Rachel Peterson, Lauren DeBoalt and Janine McCluskey. Janine reached out to me by email to tell me about the project, and ask if I could sign two copies of the book, purchased with cookie funds and shipped by my local Fairfield University Bookstore. The girls would then donate the books to the library along with the quilt.


It's been a high point of my career to see this spectacular quilt get built block by block and then assembled as a unified work of art. In a ceremony on March 26, 2022 the Peace Quilt and signed books were presented to librarian, Thea Morton. As you can see, the quilt radiates its message of Peace, collaboration, perseverance and human kindness to all that pass by. Well done Troop #65606! 

Peace Quilt 3.jpg
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