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Flagship Quilt

The Flagship Quilt was Lizzy's first concept for a community made quilt. Lizzy was inspired by the design possiblities of collage which is accessible to students of any age or ability. She loved the open ended options in moving triangles, rectangels, and squares around a grid. In 2008, at one of the first meetings of Peace by Piece, she gave all the newly gathered members a nine square 12" paper grid and cut paper geometric forms which fit in the grid. The red, black, white and grey pallette was inspired by a quilt by Mary Lee Bendolph of Gees Bend, Alabama. Each quilter desgined and glued down their individual nine patch design. The blocks were then arranged in a large rectangle alternating with white blocks with one red square in the center. The paper collage blocks were then replicated in fabric. The finished quilt top was layered with batting and backing and put onto the quilt frame to be hand stitched by the group. The resulting quilt hangs proudly at Norwalk Community College.

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