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Love Quilt

The Love Quilt started as a pencil doodle in Lizzy's notebook. It persisted in her imagination and developed as a graphic icon that would work beautifully in patchwork. Each letter, L, O, V, E fits nicely in a square quilt block. Lizzy decided that the red and white contrasting patches could each be covered with drawings made with fabric markers. Each drawing would be a depiction of what the artist loved. The answers were wonderful: My Mom, Ceviche, Music, Peace.... Lizzy and co-teacher Anna Veccia, held fabric art workshops at the farmer's market, the public library, Lizzy's dining table, and at weekly meetings of Peace by Piece. The finished quilt was unveiled on the group's tenth anniversary celebration in February 2018 at its permanent home in the children's room of the Norwalk Public Library.

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