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Foster City School
Foster City, CA

My first virtual school visit during remote learning was arranged by the creative and intrepid Foster City School Kindergarten teacher, Jadelyn Chang.


Remote learning during the Covid 19 pandemic created many challenges. I was awestruck by the efforts of teachers (my husband included) to make learning dynamic, warm and experiential for children across the screen. So it was a thrill to work with these students learning from home, and their wonderful teachers who would stop at nothing to keep learning as fresh and exciting as if they were all in the room together. The students were so enthusiastic during our time together, and several even brought their bed quilts to the screen to show and tell us all about them. 


The teachers sent home project bags with index cards, scissors, origami paper and glue sticks for all the students to create a paper quilt block. Their finished squares were sent back to school and assembled into a unified paper quilt which you see here. This is moving evidence of how many people came together creatively and tirelessly to turn a difficult situation into an opportunity.

The photo on the bottom is my virtual school visit set-up. You can see the origami paper quilt demo on the small table under the iPad camera in the center. Click here to access directions for this activity.

Foster City school Virtual School visit.HEIC
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