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Sheila Painter

Sheila Painter is an award-winning quilter and storyteller from Sylvania, Ohio. Recently, she has been speaking at area quilt guilds on the theme of quilts in children's books. Sheila focused on 15 books which feature quilts, recreating a version of the quilt from each book. Shown here is her interpretation of The All-Together Quilt. 

I love the way Sheila riffed on themes found in The All-together Quilt, recreating the light and dark triangle and rectangle pattern of the original and making a hand drawn peace sign for the center block. She also sourced fabrics like the hand-print, polka dot, batik, plaid, novelty car and truck, and assorted florals that she noticed used by the characters in the book.  


Sheila uses her art form to delight audiences and inspire them with her love of books and quilts. 

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