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Sycamore School, Indianapolis, IN

This dynamic paper quilt was created by pre-schoolers through 4th graders at the Sycamore School in Indianapolis, IN. The project was conceived by media specialist, Courtney Floyd after sharing The All-Together Quilt with her students. The library had long empty wall, that she wanted enliven with a collaborative work of art. What a beautiful solution this is! I just love the way the color themes work across the art from red, oranges and yellows on the left, to greens and blues in the middle, and blending to purples and cool reds on the far right. This color theme unifies the whole but sparkles with the diversity of ages, points of view and motifs. It's fun to look up close at the individual squares and notice the freedom the students were given to express themselves with illustration, symbols and geometric patterns. Well done Sycamore School!

sycamore School indianapolisJPG.JPG
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