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 Lizzy has designed nine quilts for public places. Each design is conceived to incorporate input from the community, especially the quilters of Peace by Piece. The quilts feature drawings and paintings on fabric, improvisational and geometric piecing, appliqué elements, hand dying, and hand quilting at community quilting bees.  


These quilts have cumulatively involved thousands of people in their production. A quilt is a metaphor for community, showing that good things happen when many come together as one. 

This gallery is still in the works, but you can click on images of the top five quilts to learn more about their production. 

Compass Quilt clean flat.jpg
LOVE quilt clean flat.jpg
HOPE Quilt flat.jpg
Flagship Quilt clean flat.jpg
Open Up.jpg
Growing Together Quilt Clean.jpg
NHH invite photo full quilt.jpg
Take Flight clean flat.jpg
Heart to Heart.jpg
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